SM@RT ict




  1. BulletIWB Training on the Smartboard

  2. BulletAnalysis of MLE with suggestions on structure

  3. BulletVisualliser Training (Genee Vision 6100)

  4. BulletFronter Training - Teachers and Administrators

  5. BulletDelivery of Digital Creator to a group of students in Newham

  6. BulletPhoto documentary workshops with Year 4 pupils

  7. BulletDelivery of Digital Creator Training

  8. BulletDelivery of Digital Creator Assessors training

  9. BulletPresentation on “Making Fronter accessible in a Special School environment”  at the LgFL conference at the Emirates (July 2009).

  10. BulletSupport and Internal Moderation for OCR ICT National units within Waltham Forest.

  11. BulletInvestigation and support for APP

  12. BulletVideo Editing training workshops

  13. BulletAnimation training and workshops


  1. BulletRM

  2. BulletFronter

  3. BulletLearning Central

  4. BulletNewham

  5. BulletWaltham Forest

  6. BulletHaringey

  7. BulletHaringey 6FC

  8. BulletWoodhouse College

  9. BulletKingsbury High School

  10. BulletMoselle School

  11. BulletStar Primary School