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The resources that I am selling via  this site are as follows:
Crazy Talk 
Swish Software Tools
Shadow Magnets coming soon

If you wish to purchase any items then please visit my secure eShop by clicking here.  Purchase orders accepted.

Convert your MP3s to cool Flash sound players at the click of a button. Choose the skin to suit your site from our selection, or design your own using SWiSH miniMax3.

Convert your videos to Flash and display on the web in minutes. Support for multiple subtitle tracks, jump to chapter position, and in-player chroma-key!

Ideal Flash creator for the business user or student. Quick professional results.

iClone (PC only)  £55.00

iClone3 is the complete 3D movie machine with real-time animation and actor creation tools for rendering movies with ultimate detail.  The software enables students to create high quality 3D movies with general ease.  The software can be used at a variety of levels and within a number of different subject areas.  Design students can create their own environments in Google Sketch and import them into the package for the characters to interact with.  Textiles students can design clothes for characters and create their own 3D fashion show as an outcome.

CrazyTalk (PC only)  £28.00

CrazyTalk6 is an easy and powerful tool for generating talking characters from an image or photo and facial animation for video, websites and widgets.  This software has a number of applications within the curriculum.  Students can record their own audio elements and then apply them to characters.  The outcomes are high quality and can be used in a number of settings eg used within assemblies, uploaded to MLE’s or used within IWB resources.

Many thanks to Diane Mayers at Newham CLC for introducing me to this resource.  The characters are inspired by Balinese Shadow puppets and are fully posable using small magnets on the reverse of the sturdy black shadow figures.  When applied to a metal surface the characters are easily controlled and by moving one element of the figure the rest follows in a very fluid movement.  There are several figures available including a giraffe, clown and monkey.

Please contact me for more details and prices.