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  1. BulletPixel Rulers for both Mac and PC

Both this pixel ruler applications are free to download and are useful resources for any design courses and particularly the DiDA and ICT National course.

  1. Bullet Free Pixel ruler

  2. Bullet Pixel Ruler

  1. BulletScreen Grab Software

These free resources are so important for students when they have to produce evidence of the work that they have done.  Using print screen on the PC or the equivalent on the mac doesn’t always allow pupils to clearly indicate the aspect on the screen that they wish to focus on.

  1. BulletScreenHunter

  2. BulletCapture Me

Blogs that are worth looking at

Susan Kambalu is an RE teacher in Haringey who is an active blogger and twitter.  She is very enthusiastic in using Web 2.0 resources in education.  Please catch up with her ideas through her blog:

Adventures in Teaching and Learning

Zek Hoeben is an Art and Photography teacher who is very interested in extending students involvement  through Web 2.0 resources.  I always enjoy visiting his blog both for the variety of posts that he uploads and also the high quality of the students work that he celebrates within the blog.

Hoeben’s Blog

I will be adding more links to this page each month so please call back in October 2009



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